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Barbara Calcagni
Level II Certified Clinical Thermographer, & Owner

All About Thermography, LLC

is dedicated to offering our customers healthy, pain-free, & non-invasive alternative testing. We offer an adjunctive or alternative option to Mammography for women of all ages who want safe, breast screening. Thermography is for Men and Women and uses infrared imaging technology that is completely RADIATION FREE!   We offer breast, regions of interest, half-body, or full-body scans.  All reports are interpreted by Medical Doctors, who are board certified Thermologists.  Reports are back in a few days, and you will receive a copy of the report & your images.

All About Thermography, LLC 

We believe the healthcare providers of the future will teach individuals how to be, and stay healthy by making better lifestyle choices.  When medical testing is indicated, we feel that opting for screening techniques that do not result in bodily harm are the best place to start.

This is the best way to take a proactive role in your own healthcare.   We believe that knowledge is power, when used, and must be shared so that all individuals can make educated decisions regarding harm free medical testing alternatives.

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