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Provider Information

Thermal Imaging scans are submitted by us for review and analysis through the Electronic Medical Interpretation database--cost is included in our pricing.

A member of the interpretation team, comprised of Medical Doctors who are Board Certified Thermologists, also in good standing, returns the completed report.  We then provide the report to the patient who chooses to share and discuss results with their own healthcare provider.

Office Space Requirements

--Heating/Cooling systems to ensure ambient room temperature remains between 68 - 72 degrees F; free from drafts.

--Windows must be covered for patient privacy and to block significant amounts of heat/sunlight; minimum of 6ft x 9ft open floor space and a 3-prong electrical outlet.

*For office space rental payments, promotion supplies, scheduling and other questions please call ALL ABOUT THERMOGRAPHY @


*Accepting cash, check, or credit cards*

We do not take insurance payments--patients may submit to their own insurance for reimbursement.  However, we do accept Health Savings Accounts.

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